Are lawyers above law?


LAWYERS quarrelled with a woman Assistant Commissioner (AC) and locked her in courtroom for not giving a decision of their choice. AC Anum Ali remained locked in the room for some time and the police reached the spot and unlocked the room. The lawyers also damaged furniture in the courtroom.
Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has ordered an inquiry into the deplorable incident and bringing the culprits to justice but there are bleak chances that justice would be done. In a country where judges of the High Courts and Supreme Court are unable to tame lawyers and become frequent victims of their pressure tactics, browbeating and violence, how one can expect that justice would be meted out to a female AC or for that matter to a lay man. Lawyers have demonstrated similar conduct on a number of occasions in the past and went scot free because of lack of commitment on part of the administration and the judiciary to enforce rule of law. We have been emphasising in these columns that lawyers are supposed to be custodian of rule of law but they themselves are indulging in acts that negate this perception. Lawyers are there to assist courts to decide cases and disputes strictly in accordance with the law but for last many years they have started pressurising judges to deliver judgements of their choice and in case of resistance they become target of their violence. All these things are happening only because we collectively have undermined Authority of the State to dangerous levels prompting some segments of the society to think that they are free to do anything without fear of being made accountable. If this state of affairs continues we genuinely feel that it could lead to mayhem of unprecedented order.

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