Another feather in Abbasi’s cap

INAUGURATION of the second LNG terminal at Port Qasim on Sunday is surely another feather in the cap of Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, who has to his credit to initiate practical steps to help mitigate woes of people of Pakistan. As Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources, Abbasi initiated multi-pronged measures, which led to substantial decrease in gas shortage in the country as evident during last winter.
The solution was understandably there to resolve the gas shortage but none of the previous governments took measures to address the challenge. The PML (N) government, which has to its credit many other achievements, succeeded in bringing LNG to the country in a record period of fourteen months. The terminal has been established at a cost of $300m within one year and a capacity to re-gasify up to 600 mmcf of gas per day. The third terminal would be inaugurated in November this year and according to the Prime Minister in 2018 the terminals in Pakistan would be able to utilise 9.0 million tonnes of LNG for the next five years. People of Pakistan have heaved a sigh of relief as both electricity and gas load-shedding have been reduced to a great extent but regrettably some political actors are trying to politicise every good initiative. They are raising accusing fingers towards the Prime Minister for taking much-needed practical steps to resolve the lingering energy crisis. Now that an Energy Ministry has been set up it is hoped an integrated approach would be adopted to make Pakistan load-shedding free both in terms of electricity and gas. Apart from import of LNG, other projects like import of gas from Iran and Turkmenistan should also be pursued vigorously despite various odds.

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