Another attack on mosque


ANOTHER act of cowardice this time ripped apart a mosque in Mohmand Agency, killing at least 28 people and injuring many others. In fact this was not the first suicide attack on a mosque and that too during Friday prayers as in the past also these callous terrorists have not only targeted mosques but also other worship places to cause maximum damage and casualties. Though operation Zarb-e-Azb has seen resounding successes due to which bastions of terrorists in the tribal areas have been cleared, yet this mosque attack in Mohmand Agency, which is relatively considered peaceful as compared to other tribal areas – warrants greater coordination amongst intelligence agencies in order to pre-empt the terror activities especially of suicide bombers, who are almost impossible to stop once they are set out on their mission.
Jamaatul Ahrar, an offshoot of the TTP based in the Afghan Pak border has claimed responsibility of Mohmand attack. It is regrettable that Afghan government has turned its back to the sordid activities of TTP and its splinter groups, which continue to launch attacks inside Pakistan while operating from Afghan soil. It is also established that India is using Afghan soil and financing terror outfits to perpetrate terror in Pakistan. Recent statements by the Afghan and Indian leadership against Pakistan also leave no doubt in the minds of anybody that the two countries have joined hands against Pakistan, which has always sought to forge peaceful relations. In our view, the successes of anti terror operation will remain inconclusive unless we expose the real and evil face of Afghan-Indian nexus before the world. Apart from forcefully raising the Kashmir dispute at the upcoming UNGA session, we will suggest the PM also highlight the Indian and Afghan interference in our territory and submit evidences in this regard gathered from Kulbushan Yadav. The government also needs to fully activate NACTA and ensure early establishment of joint intelligence directorate to enhance coordination amongst intelligence agencies, which will go a long way in foiling nefarious designs of enemies.