And now threat from Bilawal


EXCEPT one long march, which had the support and backing of people of Pakistan and almost all segments of the society, no such gimmick produced the results as intended by those behind them but still our political parties and politicians are relying heavily on these tactics. PTI leader Imran Khan has already announced to lay a siege around Islamabad and now budding Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has come out with the ultimatum to the Government to accept four demands otherwise PPP would go for a long march.
Bilawal’s threat is somewhat sober as against the impatient attitude being displayed by Imran Khan. Bilawal has given the deadline of December 27 – the death anniversary of BB – when he might give a specific date and venue for the purpose. Two of the four points specified by him are nothing but an attempt to play to the galleries as PPP itself is not serious about passage of the bill on Panama Papers drafted by Aitzaz Ahsan and politicisation of CPEC amounts to undermining a project of immense significance at the altar of party politics. Regrettably, some parties are doing politics on CPEC just like the Kalabagh Dam without realising that the country and its people would suffer hugely if smooth implementation of the project is impeded for whatever motives. The government might not have any problem in accepting other two conditions of the PPP regarding constitution of a parliamentary security committee as this has already been agreed upon and appointment of a Foreign Minister, which is also demand of every Pakistani. As some parties are going for a kill and others are preparing for next general elections, it is but natural for remaining political parties to agitate some issues to remain relevant in politics but this would be unprincipled approach. All major political parties have stakes in the present system and instead of trying to cause fall of others, they should try to deliver what they promised to the people, which is lacking in many respects.