An ordinary day..!

SHE was beautiful. Now, she lay lifeless. Her fight with cancer; over. Victorious, she’d moved away from pain, to a life where I could feel her smile somewhere in the heavens. I had visited her as she’d battled with the terrible disease that devoured chunks of her young life everyday. Then one day, while holding her hand and silently crying I’d asked, “Tell me what you miss the most?”
She’d looked at me with those beautiful expressive eyes of hers and whispered, “What I miss is an ordinary day!” At thirty-five she’d been a success in business, but it wasn’t the excitement of a business deal she missed. She, was a young mother, but it was not the success of a child’s report card she missed.
She missed an ordinariness of a normal day. Rain and potholes. Delays and missed appointments. Grumbling and cross words. Sleepy afternoons, maybe wide-awake nights. All these the trappings of an ordinary day! I leave her and walk slowly away, pondering, how needed her message for us today. How can we start enjoying our ordinary days?
First a spirit of thankfulness, a cry of joy, a leap in the air, that we are alive and well. “Oh God!” let our hearts and voices cry out, “How grateful we are, we are alive and kicking!” Let that thankfulness bring a smile of joy, nay laughter to us right now.
And then a sense of purpose. Even as we drive past potholes, with purpose we avoid them. But more than just that, a passionate purpose for the day. What job shall I do well today? Whose life can I make better? Which dream of mine can I make bigger? Ah the joy of purpose. And then setting forth to walk, and run and blaze towards the light of hope at the end of the tunnel, victorious!
And what else on an ordinary day like today, but to enjoy it! Not looking always for excitement, but enjoying the laughter of your child, your children as they spill your tea, even the nagging of a concerned wife or husband, the waiting, as a punctured tire is fixed, the delay of train or plane. Let worry be brushed aside, and those moments thrust on us, give us time to slow down, relax and enjoy.
She’s gone, and her beautiful smile after which she was named, looks down, “Tell them, to enjoy an ordinary day, and when they do, Bobby uncle, I have not lived in vain!”
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