Alpha Supermarket launched in Karachi


Staff Reporter

Karachi—Alpha is equipped to welcome discerning customers who are looking for imported high end products to locally manufactured competitively priced items. It has slogan of ‘Shop smarter, live better’. Upon inauguration, Chairman Nadeem Hussain said, “due to increasingly prudent consumer demands apropos lifestyle change it has become essential for the supermarket industry to become versatile to address these needs. We will continually broaden our supply chain to provide and meet changing demands and strive to make ALPHA the one-stop supermarket”.
Alpha will soon be bringing Tesco Private Label to the store. Alpha supermarket in Pakistan is the exclusive partner of Tesco, the largest retailer in UK. Tesco products will include food and nonfood items in the three categories; Tesco Goodness, Tesco Finest and Tesco Everyday. Adnan Hamid the CEO said, “we are here to provide our customer excellent products and service that fulfill their need at the right price and convenience; our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help and assist, educate and empower our customers” Alpha is focused to meet an ethnocentric customer demand carrying diverse and incredible items ranging from a variety of succulent steaks, duck breast, turkey breast, crab sticks to Japanese sea scallop, pickled ginger, seaweed sheets, roasted black sesame, Miso soup base, and much more.