Alarming mental health factors


Shahida DJ

It is an unfortunate fact that Pakistan is the country which has high population among them 50 million people are undergoing from common mental disorder. It is very much painful to say that 15 to 35 million adults including men, women and aged people are the victim of mental disorder. More importantly, 20 million or ten percent of children have the same problem. According to the child psychiartist Dr. Ayesha Mian, mental disease are caused by genetic, psychological and social factors. For a country it is very much harmful that it lacks psychiatrists in within it. According to the WHO, 300 to 400 trained psychiatrists are available and Pakistan has 5 psychiatric hospital but it is the country of 180 million population so it seems that they are not enough. Additionally, every parts of Pakistan has the same rising cases all over, especially in Karachi, being the largest city, has thousands of people victim of mental health, due to high unemployment, domestic violence, poverty and some others. The paucity of mental doctors is making the issue more critical. Majority of the mental health cases are related to women who because of social pressures and anxieties are the worst hit. The high incidence of such disorders is generally due to poverty, unemployment, hunger, family issues, traffic jams, police attitude, intolerance and drugs adiction. On the other hand, the rural aeras have the worst condition because they lack the basic facilities.
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