AJK President, PM concerned over IOK human rights abuses


Mirpur—President of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan Thursday condemned the human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) and expressed his deep concern over the apathy of the International community over such ugly situation.
The AJK President was talking to Prof. Paolo Cotta-Ramusino, Secretary General of the International NGO – Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs who called on him on Thursday.
President AJK discussed with the Prof. Paolo Cotta-Ramusino the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, and peace and stability in South
Asia. Sardar Masood Khan said the people of Jammu and Kashmir are determined to continue their struggle for the realization of the right of self-determination. They would not be deterred by Indian state terrorism in IOK. AJK President said that United Nation must respond to the catastrophic situation in Indian occupied Kashmir.
The AJK President appreciated the constructive role being played by Pugwash conferences in pursuit of peace and stability all around the world. He particularly thanked Pugwash for its interest in South Asia and Kashmir.
Prof. Ramusino stressed, on this occasion, the need for communication between India and Pakistan and the Kashmiris on both sides of the LoC to promote dialogue to resolve all issues.
He said that Pugwash would continue its efforts to make discreet contacts with both sides to pave the way for engagements.
Meanwhile, AJK Prime Minister, Raja Farooq Haider Khan Thursday strongly condemned the recent killing spree in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) particularly on the eve of the eid. He observed as saying “Indian occupation forces are at war against unarmed people in the occupied valley”. While addressing a gathering in Muzaffarabad on Thursday Haider said, “The cold-blooded murder of the civilians is manifestation of naked and brute aggression by a totalitarian regime that is at war against unarmed civilians whom it has kept captive and suppressed for their territory.” The Prime Minister further said, “The silence of the international community has emboldened the Indian state further which is extremely painful.”
The AJK PM paid rich tribute to the martyred civilians in the Indian occupied valley in the way of liberation of the motherland from the Indian yoke. He said people of occupied Kashmir have been striving for their right to self determination since 1931 in general and since 1989 in particular by offering all kinds of sacrifices and enduring all kinds of hardships.
“These sacrifices will bear fruit and Kashmiris will see the dawn of freedom provided we stay united, firm in our resolve and patience,” Farooq Haider added. He condemned the action on the peaceful protest demonstrations, marches and Azadi rallies in occupied Kashmir.
Meanwhile, Member AJK Legislative Assembly (MLA) Mian Yasir Rashid expressed his serious concern over deteriorating situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) and urged international community to take serious notice of Indian state terrorism in the held territory. Addressing a function at local high school at the capital city on Thursday as chief guest, Mian Yasir, MLA from Narowal constituency, strongly condemned the massive human rights abuses by Indian forces on the peaceful Kashmiris struggling for their inalienable right to self determination. He expressed complete solidarity with the people of occupied jammu and Kashmir and assured them that people and Government of both Pakistan and AJK would never leave them alone in their legitimate and just struggle. Mian Yasir Rasheed further said that Kashmir liberation movement had entered into a decisive phase and India had miserably failed to suppress this indigenous struggle.
He thanked Prime Minister Pakistan Mian Mohammed Nawaz Sharif for highlighting Kashmir issue in its true perspective at international forums. He condemned that India is financing terrorism in Pakistan and open evidences are available on its involvement in subversive activities.
He said that Pakistan armed forces are fully capable of giving befitting response to all those who have an evil eye on Pakistan.—APP