After the rain


The weather has become pleasant and cool after the yesterday’s rain in the capital city of Lahore. At the same time the defective conditions of the roads and streets have become apparent. Due to the heavy downpour, water ponds have appeared all over the city. Even the posh areas of the city present a horrible scene with the pockets of water standing in low lying areas. Some of areas are completely submerged in the dirty water. The real story behind the standing water is that roads and Orange Train projects are under construction due to which the adjacent areas have become low lying.
The rain water travels towards shallow areas. The new construction has lowered the adjacent areas. That is why the rain water drifts towards low lying areas. After the yesterday’s rain the low lying areas remained submerged in the rain water for several hours. The water entered the houses and created immense problems for the residents. Construction of roads and pavement of streets and improvement of transport system is beneficial thing but it should be smoothly implemented.
With the better planning we could have saved the people from immense difficulties that they are facing now. If we could have seen that this will happen during the rains, we could have planned better. And this mess would not have occurred. Now there is only one solution and that is the sewerage system be laid down afresh; otherwise a few hours rain would always become a pain and everything would go to drain.