Aerial firing


I have often noticed that the practice of aerial firing persists everywhere. Mostly populace commits this crime without any specific purpose. Why they do not fathom out the menace of aerial firing. Though, the ailing patient and old citizen are also living in society; this grim act can lead them in predicament. Aerial firing has claimed numerous lives of innocent masses. These hooligans are those who wander at night – gossips with each other at footpaths and proceed home late night.
Why these people don’t be figured out? Their parents and families also wait for them late nights and they are also getting irked to their behaviour. On the other hand, their attitude can lead and indulge them in massive criminal activities. I have an example that commensurate the aforementioned. My father served as Sub Inspector in Police Department for 38 years – in his tenure I observed a few individuals in my town had been gossiping with each other – laught without any specific purpose and created commotion late night.
Then police officials used to apprehend them and confined them in cell – while their parents used to seek help of my father regarding their release. The purpose of writing this is only to convey my message to those who wander late at night, to take care of their parents and their families. Police officials patrolling at night may sensitize these individuals first politely and then sternly.