Admore Gas (pvt) Limited records impressive growth


Salim Ahmed

Lahore—Admore Gas Private Limited (AGPL) has posted an impressive retail fuel sales growth of 55% in October against the same month last year, while it equally recorded 42% growth against the month of September.
It is to be noted that the company has recently been taken over by a new management, which has devised a comprehensive roadmap to set Admore on the path of growth and expansion. This is evident by the tremendous growth the company’s retail sales volume has seen recently, having increased to 35 million liters during the month of October against 22.5 million in October 2015 and 24.7 million liters in September this year. “We are striving hard to achieve more milestones to become the brand of choice for millions of motorists in Pakistan,” said Nadeem Jafarey, CEO AGPL.
He explained the company’s future outlook as “We have successfully launched multi-tiered development plans which include further improving the company’s financial position and addressing all previous liabilities to emerge as a secure, highly solvent company.