Activists urge government to promote tourism in Thar


Sawan Khaskheli

Mithi—The participants of an expedition, which was launched by the members of the civil society, elected members, local people and activists from across the country briefing the media persons on last asked both Federal and Sindh government to boost up the tourism and establish the sustainable projects to mitigate the unending miseries of Tharis.
Dr. Bhishum Kotak, an activist from Islamabad observed that after the recent rains most areas of Thar turned into picturesque magical landscapes adding he urged that there was need to show the other face of Thar, which is very beautiful. Dr. Kotak observed that those sitting in Islamabad and other countries after reading the stories of deaths of the children thought that Thar was part of Ethiopia or some haunting place where only death was dancing. “We traveled hundreds of the miles right from the shrine of Fakeer Par Barham to temple of Churiyo towards Indian border and everybody from peasants to headers were happy due to rains and the subsequent germination of the traditional crops and grasses” he added.
He told that participants of the trip had captured hundreds of the pictures of the fields, historical places, picnic points, where Tharis store rainwater adding he told they were going to launch a website to highlight the good face of Thar. Dr. Kotak urged that Tharis long term policies and substantial projects not alms and charities.
Mr. Sajan Charo, a local activist told that most of areas of Diplo, Kaloi and Mithi still needed one or two showers for crops and grasses adding he claimed that rest of Thar was in better conditions as compared to the previous years, which wreaked havoc. Mr. Charo urged government to focus on structural changes in health, education and other departments. Mr. Partab Shivani, who played the leading the role in arranging the three-day event told that as soon as the participants of the event posted the pictures of green parts of Thar on social media they had gone viral and were forcing people to visit Thar. “During Eid holidays hundreds of the people with their families thronged in Thar and the local businessmen, vendors and those selling the traditional fruits and vegetables are earning good amount” he added and urged that the visiting people not to give alams to those standing on the roadsides instead purchase local products from them.
Mr. Shivani told they were in contact with Sindh culture minister Syed Sardar Ahmed Shah to fulfill his promises of installation of the chairlift over Karoonjhar Hills, renovation of the crumbling temples of Jains etc. Mr. Shusheel Malani, the local PPP leader requested media persons to file stories on the beauty of Thar and other genuine issues, which are still unaddressed. He said that massive planning was underway with the collaboration of the local youths, teachers, singers and activists of both NGOs and political parties to organize to first ever Thar Festival at Mithi very soon. Rahul Dev, Khalil Kumbhar, Narsingh Sodho, Satesh Gomani, Dr. Rano Mal Halar Khoso, Nizam Samoon and others were also present during the media visit at Mithi.