ACE-NESPAK to check corruption in development projects


Salim Ahmed

Lahore—Director General Anti-Corruption Brig. Retd. Muzaffar Ali Ranjha has asked NESPAK to directly inform Anti-Corruption Establishment in case of embezzlements, violation of rules, deviation of design and use of sub-standard material in development projects. He said that Anti-Corruption Establishment is determined to break the nexus of government officials and contractors which is major cause of loss to the national exchequer. Anti-Corruption Establishment and NESPAK would make joint efforts to check financial embezzlements and ensure quality of work in development projects, said DG ACE.
While addressing a meeting at NESPAK, DG ACE said that NESPAK is supervising all the development projects as consultant and its engineers are present on spot for the purpose. He asked the NESPAK engineers to point out irregularities, violation of plans and rules and use of substandard material directly to the Anti-Corruption Establishment so that the prompt action may be taken. All such engineers of NESPAK, present on spot, keep national interest in mind and let not allow any officers or contractor to compromise.
He said that it is in his notice that officers of the concerned departments manage to tender work to their favorite contractors and required of work is usually not observed in such cases due to their interests and ulterior motives.
In such cases, NESPAK engineers also keep mum and do not report about irregularities to the proper forum hence taken as co-accused in case of inquiries. DG Anti-Corruption asked the NESPAK to constitute in house committees and inquiry cell to keep an eye on mega development projects and review issues of violations itself for self-accountability purposes.