Abysmal energy pinch


Muhammad Bilal Sarwar

Pakistan is facing the unfathomable crisis of electricity. Besides the low generating capacity, the lack of maintenance of pubic owned power plants and under investment in energy sectors, the partly implemented policies together with structural reforms are one of the acute problems of energy crisis. Pakistan is producing energy, which is not sufficient to meet the current and future demand of electricity. Hence, Energy outages are approximately 5000 megawatts which is incessantly hiking every year.
Not only the small and medium enterprises with cottage industry have been affected by the exigencies of energy shortfalls but also the large manufacturing units, which have their own facility of energy production through thermal run power plants, also suffer from the predicament of energy exigency. The per capita consumption of electricity, which is the criterion of measuring the socio-economic prosperity of the country, is very low in Pakistan, which stands amongst the bottom 25 countries in the world. But, it is better than some of the South African nations in terms of energy consumption. Due to its low energy consumption, its per capita income is also low.
At this crucial climacteric, there are some of the steps and manoeuvres to be taken by the state specifically as well as by the general public broadly. We need publicly not to electricity theft. Not only the patriotic citizens but also the state should take determined actions to curb the “Kunda Culture” in the beloved country. In this way the administrative losses will be avoided. The country should heavily rely on the renewable and cheap indigenous energy resources instead of highly pricy and imported oil based generation of electricity. The distribution losses, which are one of the world’s highest in Pakistan, must be deracinated.
The coal based generation, which accounts for around 70% and 80% in China and India respectively, are not an energy policy in our country of our government. Generating of power through coal, must be substantiated immediately in Pakistan. The power plants owned by Government operated below the designed capacity should be utilized at their fullest determined capacity. Thus, these are some of the suggestions to be taken into consideration by every stakeholder.
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