A short experience


Kajal Chatterjee

Kudos to Senthil Saravana Durai for the letter titled “Mother Teresa”, (September 9), published by Pakistan Observer. By devoting her entire life for the cause of the poor, homeless, orphans and lepers, Mother Teresa had displayed to the world what the essence of humanity and true purpose of life are all about. Along with this self-obsessed consumerist society; the critics of Mother Teresa, who accuse her of sponsoring “religious imperialism”, should hang their heads in shame.
Who will teach these fanatics that basic necessities of life and dignity are infinite times important. And why don’t the critics of the Mother come forward and put a balm on the starved stomachs and hurt souls of the marginalized helpless lot who are mercilessly left to die on the streets? Officially she might have got “promoted” from Mother to saint, but actually she was nothing but “a shadow of God who walked on this earth”.
—Kolkata, India

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