A football star passed away


Sanaullah Samad

It is really disheartening for the entire nation that Pakistani striker Shahlyla Ahmadzai Baloch had passed away in a car accident in Karachi. According to the news that Shahlyla Baloch was sitting in the passenger seat when the accident took place. Shahlyla Baloch was 20 year-old and she was finest striker for Pakistan women’s football team. She had represented Pakistan at South Asian Football Federation Women Football Championship 2014 in Islamabad and last international event in Pakistan since that.
Shahlyla had earned a great respect in football and was the first Pakistani woman to have a hat-trick abroad and help Pakistan win the goal. The death news of Shahlyla has shocked the entire nation, and it can affect the women football of Pakistan to lose such a great player. We should pay tribute to Shahlyla Baloch, and being a women she had proved that women are not less, so especially girls should follow his strategy to take themselves toward prosperity.
—Turbat, Balochistan

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