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Most dastardly act of terrorism

THE most dastardly act of terrorism in army public school Peshawar Tuesday resulting in the martyrdom of move than 132 little angels and injuries to about 245 is a national tragedy which had never been witnessed in the history of the country and for that matter any where in the world. The spine chilling murder of small children for no fault of theirs shocked and horrified the people across the country who stood in unison to condemn the tragedy and went into mourning.

Through this inhuman act of terrorism against the innocent and defenceless children of the entire nation, gave a clear and loud message that terrorists are still present in their secret hideouts and planning their heinous acts where they could hit the most. Of course operations Zarb-e-Azb and Khyber-1 broke their back and army is still in action to totally eliminate them but it is now clear that the hard core and senior leadership of terrorists is still there and hiding in safe havens. They have the capacity to regroup, communicate with their colleagues freely and there is every possibility that similar tragedies could happen in the future. The security and intelligence agencies must also reconsider their strategies and find out where the fault lies. The Army public school attack clearly indicates that it was carried out after thorough checking by the terrorists regarding security arrangements. The group of ...
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Yet another derailment in offing?

AFTER an intense and apparently violent lock down in Lahore that raised the political tension further, PTI is adamant to hold country-wide protest tomorrow (Thursday). It is understood that PTI has developed enough muscles and nation-wide popular network to paralyze the country. Otherwise too, it doesn’t take too much to disturb normal life as only a handful of baton-wielding youth can block roads and force businesses to shut down.

In this backdrop, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, while inaugurating work on overlaying of Islamabad-Lahore Section of Pakistan Motorway on Monday, indicated that protests and talks can’t go side by side. Apparently retorting, Imran Khan addressing his audience in Lahore the same evening gave another ultimatum to the Prime Minister to form the Judicial Commission within two days or be ready for, what he calls, Plan-D. His threatening tone has been one of the major hurdles in the way of resumption of dialogue between the PTI and the Government as the latter doesn’t want to be seen succumbing to the pressure tactics of the former. All this means that the ray of hope created by initial contacts between the two sides might be short-lived. Apart from violence on roads and streets, the war of words between the two parties clearly indicates that the process of dialogue might be scuttled. Therefore, it does not require Aristotle wisdom to understand to ...
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