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Zardari’s all-out support to CPEC

AWAMI National Party (ANP), whose politics is known to be thriving on creating controversies, is again trying to deprive the country of fruits of unprecedented developmental activities. In the past, the party maintained its relevance in difficult political arena by opposing Kalabagh Dam and making demands for change of nomenclature of the NWFP and now that these issues are no more on the agenda of Pakistani politics, it is trying to create controversies about the proposed China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on the pretext of change of so-called ‘original route’ despite repeated denials and assurances by the authorities concerned.

While some parties with vested interest prefer to live in the past, it is satisfying that one of the major political parties of the country. PPP has wholeheartedly supported the project, urging smaller provinces not to be apprehensive of it on any excuse. Former President and PPP Chairperson Asif Ali Zardari, on Sunday, vowed that his party would not allow making Chinese investment coming under CPEC projects a victim of political point scoring. Earlier, he had invited leaders of different political parties in Islamabad to garner support and forge consensus on the Corridor. Mr Zardari has done well by taking the appreciable initiative in this regard and we are sure that he would use his good offices to persuade parties like ANP, which is the ...
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Rabbani gives welcome dimension to Senate

SENATE Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani is rightly considered to be man of ideas and the one who cares much about problems and issues concerning masses. He has taken yet another step to help address grievances of the people vis-ŕ-vis Government by establishing a complaint cell at the Senate Secretariat.

There are no two opinions that proper redressal of grievances is crucial to satisfaction of the people. There are a number of mechanisms in place to listen to the problems of the people including police, judiciary, district administration, specific wings of the utility services, anti-corruption departments and organizations, open Kutcheries by authorities concerned, civic bodies and the institution of ombudsman. However, the fact remains that problems of the people remain unresolved and unaddressed despite presence of a multitude of institutions. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the traditional complaint redressal mechanism is not delivering and is, therefore, rubbing salt to the wounds of the people. Under these circumstances, one hopes that the electronic system of complaint registration introduced by the Senate Secretariat would make a difference especially when there is a personality like Mian Raza Rabbani at the head of the system. It is, however, to be seen how the complaint cell would cope with complaints, which are likely to run into thousands, given the nat ...
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Imam-e-Kaaba shows the right path

IMAM-E-KAABA Sheikh Khalid al Ghamidi has made a fervent call to the Muslims across the world to promote unity in their ranks for resolution of their problems. The sermon by the Imam, who is on a visit to Pakistan, is very timely and shows the right path as the Muslim world is in the midst of internal fighting and chaos.

We hope that the words of advise by Imam-e-Kaaba, who enjoys a unique position among Muslims would be given due consideration. Over the last three days while leading prayers, he spoke on bilateral relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia as well and infused a new spirit among the people. In a separate TV interview, Imam Sheikh Khalid said he was sensing a difference between the opinion of the Pakistani nation and Parliament over the situation in Yemen. We fully agree with the Imam because the people of Pakistan want the government to go all the way and help Saudi Arabia in its campaign against the overthrow of the legitimate Yemeni government by the non-state actors while Parliament supported defence of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Kingdom and security of Harmain Sharfain. Fully aware of international developments, the Imam cautioned that conspirators wanted to see the Muslims divided as we are witnessing in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan today. The Muslim Ummah would have to collectively brainstorm as to why Islamic countr ...
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