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Punjabi Taliban lower terrorism temperature

IN an apparent attempt to repair the massive damage caused to its movement, TTP has tried to disown leader of Punjabi Taliban Asmatullah Muawiya, announcing renunciation of armed struggle by his group and focusing on peaceful struggle for the enforcement of Sharia in the country. A commander of the defunct TTP dubbed Muawiya as agent of intelligence agencies.

The announcement of Punjabi Taliban has rightly been described as a watershed because it was one of the deadliest Taliban group responsible for a number of major terrorist attacks. The Punjabi Taliban is believed to have carried out 2009-assault on the Pakistan army’s General Headquarters in Rawalpindi, in which nine soldiers were killed; the commando raid on the Sri Lankan cricket team in the same year, and the 2011 attack on the Naval Airbase at Mehran in which 18 servicemen and two US-donated aircraft were destroyed. It has also been blamed for a number of sectarian atrocities. In this background, the announcement was seen as a serious setback for the alliance of ‘Taliban’ terrorist groups, which has suffered a number of fractures in recent weeks. The Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan umbrella group broke into three factions earlier this month after a group of commanders, mainly Mehsud and Wazir tribesmen from North Waziristan, announced they had broken away to form their own group. There is clear rift and resentment ...
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Pakistan may learn from India’s investment quest

ACCORDING to authentic reports, China will pledge to invest billions of dollars in India’s rail network during a visit by President Xi Jinping this week. It follows a pledge by Japan to invest $35 billion in India over the next five years – including the introduction of bullet trains.

Indo-China relations have been seeing ups and downs for decades mainly because of the pursuit of the former to undermine economic and military strength of the latter first through Russian and now US-led Western cooperation and machinations. However, despite all this, Indians are clever enough to welcome investment in their country from whatever source; and signing of investment accords during visit of the Chinese President is one such example. Indian Cabinet recently approved plans to open its defence and railways industries to foreign investment as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s right-wing administration moves to reform and revive the ailing economy. After this, there is a beeline from European and other companies to invest in these sectors and interest of both China and Japan to help modernize moribund railway system in India, is a clear testimony to that. India is already one of the most sought after destination for foreign investors because of the sheer size of its population and economy. Its new investment policy would surely help accelerate the pace of its development. This is in shar ...
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Shahbaz rejustifies title of Khadim-e-Aala

PUNJAB Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif in his last five year tenure laid the foundation of model Province and as it is said his government’s performance was instrumental in the victory of PML-N in 2013 elections. He was the brain behind launching mega development and social welfare schemes, taking care of the oppressed, needy and vulnerable sections of the society.

Now again in his second stint, he appears to be a restless soul and having sleepless nights to fulfil the promises made in the election campaign. His concerns for the flood-affected people are manifestation of his commitment to serve the masses. Right from the beginning of floods, that have devastated vast areas and made people homeless, he has been visiting different part of the Province every day, meeting the affectees and directing the administration to ensure rescue and relief. The other day he was in Sheikhupura, Narowal and Muridke and a day earlier in Jhang to personally have an on-the-spot assessment of the devastation. He took notice of shortcomings on the part of the administration, issued strict instructions and personally distributed relief items among affectees in South Punjab. This year’s floods were sudden and the water levels in Chenab and Jhelum rivers were higher than in the past, yet credit goes to the Punjab Government that the protective bunds bore the brunt and were only breached by ...
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