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OIC too takes note of IHK uprising

ORGANISATION of Islamic Countries (OIC) has always been supportive of the cause of Kashmiri people but the unambiguous statement made by its Secretary-General Iyad Ameen Madani in his opening remarks at the 42nd Session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers in Kuwait, deserves special mention and appreciation. He unequivocally declared that final disposition of the Kashmir dispute should reflect aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

In fact, the Secretary-General was not alone in forcefully pleading the case of Kashmiris as during meeting of the OIC Contact Group on Kashmir on the sidelines of the Conference, Special Envoy of the OIC Secretary-General on Kashmir and heads of delegations of other member countries of the Group, especially Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan, sent a clear message to India that there can be no durable peace in the region sans resolution of the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir. The policy statements issued by these countries and the sentiments expressed on the occasion must be morale boosting not only for Azad Kashmir Prime Minister and APHC representative who also attended the important moot but also to 14 million Kashmiris who are struggling to get rid of Indian slavery. The OIC support for the cause of Kashmiris and emphasis on peaceful and final settlement of the problem assumes special significance in the backdrop of renewed attempts by Modi Gov ...
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LB polls: Treat women with respect

AS stage is set for Local Government elections in KPK (slated for May 30), the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), on Wednesday, issued a warning to individuals and groups including elders of the families against disallowing women from casting votes in the elections. It cautioned that those found guilty of doing so would be prosecuted under the law.

This is timely warning by the Election Commission and hopefully all concerned would pay heed to it in practical terms. The ECP statement becomes all the more relevant in the backdrop of recent by-elections in the Province where no woman turned up for voting because of tacit understanding among contesting parties and candidates. The ECP had also issued a statement at that time but later the matter was forgotten; and therefore, it is apprehended that same is going to happen on May 30 as well. It is all the more regrettable that this is happening during tenure of PTI, which is considered to be a liberal and progressive party, also supported by women. The PTI has been claiming that there was no bar or no restriction by political parties on women to vote and that such prohibition is enforced through local arrangements. But it is to be pointed out that laws are applicable for all parts of the country and the sitting government is duty bound to react if someone is violating the law of the land. It may also be pointed out that ap ...
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Deweaponise other provinces too

SINDH Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has taken the much needed policy decision to cancel about six lakh arms licences of those who failed to get their licenses verified. The cut off date was 19th May and it is expected that it would not be extended to facilitate some high ups.

It is beyond any doubt that Pakistan is one of the few countries where legal and illegal weapons are in abundance and there is no system to recover the unlicensed weapons. We may say that weapons give birth to all sorts of crimes including terrorism, kidnapping and extortion. What is more worrisome is that there are automatic weapons and many of them are those that are used by the armed forces. In fact every fourth house in Pakistan is believed to be equipped with automatic weapons. But it is in human nature that those having weapons tend to use them during debate on petty issues. The display of arms by the staff of the private security agencies and VIP protocols give the impression that there is no security to any one in Pakistan which brings a bad name to the country. Under the National Action Plan (NAP) provinces are required to regulate the licenses and the Interior Minister has been saying that he would convene a meeting to ensure a uniform system for the issuance of licenses. But we may point out that huge quantities of arms are being smuggled in from all routes with the connivance o ...
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