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Yemen may fall apart

YEMEN is in its darkest hour, had never faced a challenge to its existence and a threat to its identity like the one it’s facing now. The situation threatens the security of the Arab world as a whole. Realising the gravity of the situation, Arab leaders at their summit in Sharm el Sheikh Saturday voiced their strong support to the Saudi led operation against Houthi rebels, saying the overthrow of the government in Yemen is a threat not only to the security of the Gulf Cooperation Council but also to the Arab world and to international peace. The summit gave its backing to the Saudi led operation in Yemen stating it is fundamental to safeguard the region’s stability and the Arab identity of Yemen.

The summit took place amid mounting instability and insurgencies in the region. A months-long Houthi rebellion has escalated into a regional conflict that threatens to tear apart the impoverished state at the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula. After the situation in Sanaa and Aden worsened, Saudi navy evacuated dozens of diplomats of various countries and the UN pulled out international staff. At the Arab League Summit Saudi Arabia has forcefully played its hand against the Houthi rebels which have overrun Yemen and King Salman made it clear that the military intervention in Yemen would not stop until the country was stable and safe. Host Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al- ...
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Future generations will remember Gen Raheel

CHIEF of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif in yet another statement has stated that future generations will get a terrorism free Pakistan as the army will rid the country of menace of terrorism. Addressing a ceremony in Lahore, the COAS said that they are taking the menace of terrorism head on and will go anywhere in the country to eliminate it in totality.

This statement by the “Sipah-e-Salar” is futuristic in which he not only referred to the issues of today but resolved for the future. In a scenario where Pakistan is placed today even young generation is in a state of helplessness and despondency and not much light is being seen ahead because of a number of crucial problems yet statement by the Army Chief is a source of inspiration. General Raheel duly backed by the government and people of Pakistan has made a good beginning by grabbing the bull by the horns and apparently back of the terrorists has been broken. Since launching of operation Zarb-e-Azb there has been significant reduction in incidents of terrorism and with the blessing of Almighty Allah and sacrifices of the army and other arms of the national defence including PAF, the anti national elements are being eliminated and others are on the run for their life. Thousands of suspects have been arrested, their command and control centres destroyed not only in FATA but also in other parts of the country. The st ...
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Punjab rightly focuses on rural areas too

PUNJAB Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has decided to start the biggest programme of the history of Pakistan named “Khadim-e-Punjab Rural roads Programme” for the construction and rehabilitation of roads in rural areas of the province. Under the phased wise programme, a total of Rs 150 billion would be spent on roads construction and rehabilitation over a period of three years.

We may say that hitherto attention had been given to improvement of roads in major cities but the rural areas, where a huge population commute, were ignored. As a result, small roads linking the rural areas with markets and cities have been destroyed and those who happen to travel on these roads see a marked difference. In fact billions of rupees were spent on the construction of these farms to market roads but lack of attention by the Provincial Highways department led to their deterioration. Today they are giving the scenes of deep ditches as no repair was carried out what to talk of rehabilitation under the pretext of non-allocation of funds. No doubt it is the biggest programme of construction and rehabilitation of rural roads in the history of the country but we would urge the Chief Minister to seek details from every district and work be started on rural roads where the black top has almost disappeared. For this we would suggest that in addition to recommendations of the MNAs and MPAs ...
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