9/11 needs to be exposed


Shabana Syed

ANOTHER anniversary of 9/11 and the outpour of programmes depicting this horrific event on Western TV’s play out as usual; while the undercurrent flow of hatred against Islam is once again revived increasing Islamophobic hate crimes. The ‘illegal war on terror’ that ensued according to a report by ‘Physicians for Social Responsibility’ led to the death of 4 million Arabs and Muslims if one includes also those killed by Iraq sanctions, which according to UN left 1.7 million dead, mostly children.
The question facing Muslims, especially in Pakistan, which got embroiled into this illegal war by the Bush administration who threatened to bomb Pakistan “back to the stone age” if the country did not cooperate with America’s war on Afghanistan, is to expose who really committed 9/11 and remove the shackles of guilt by association? Instead most Muslim countries, especially Pakistan, are busy dealing with issues of ‘roti, kapra, aur makan’ and greedy despots who under the umbrella of democracy and the support of the Western security services are keeping the population and the Army busy with paid mercenaries creating havoc, killing innocents and disrupting the economic and development of the country. 9/11 and 7/7 and nearly all of the terror attacks that ensued afterwards have left more questions unanswered than answered.
In London after the recent spate of horrific terror attacks Prime Minister Teresa May said that repeatedly said a terrorist attack in the UK is “highly likely” and the Government is “making more funding available to the police for counter-terrorism policing”. Therefore it appears rather suspicious if the terror threat is so severe why one of London’s richest Councils, Westminster, has decided to take down some of the CCTV cameras in the most tourist populated sites due to ‘financial cutbacks’. After all these CCTV’s can be a bane for those promoting fiction and not facts.
A fact governments are beginning to learn after the Nice terror attack on July 14th when a massive truck driven by a known criminal was allowed to park for 9 hours by police in an area where no vehicles were authorised and then allowed to make its way down the promenade unhindered mowing down killing and injuring hundreds of people. In order to prevent questions destroying the idea that another lone radical Islamist was behind the attack, when witnesses had seen three shooters, France’s anti terrorist executive ordered Nice’s urban surveillance authorities to destroy all CCTV footage.
However French authorities are fine with footage taken by a man linked to Israeli intelligence Richard Gutjahr who just happened to be in the vicinity ready poised to record the event not only in Nice but also the terror attack that took place later in Munich; in the same way the ‘dancing Israelis’ had been ready with their video cameras early New York morning, at the time when the twin towers were attacked.
The terror attacks on 9/11 which initiated the destructive ‘war on terror’ and is taking humanity to Armageddon, has also hardly any footage or evidence available for the public to examine. It has been revealed that the US government intentionally destroyed massive amounts of evidence related to 9/11 and the judge overseeing the trial of surviving 9/11 suspects conspired with the prosecution to destroy evidence relevant to a key suspect’s defence. Donald Trump recently alluded to trying to jump on anti Islamic bandwagon when he said “all over the world, it was reported that Muslims were celebrating the fall of the World Trade Center.” Apparently CNN along with western media outlets had been showing a tape of Palestinians cheering on 9/11. The story was debunked a few days later by the respected German paper Der Spiegel in an article titled Die Macht der TV-Bilder (‘The power of TV images’) which highlighted this anti Palestinian propaganda as being staged and manipulated.
The article explained how a group of Palestinians were told to cheer if they wanted some cake. When the Palestinians cheered an Israeli picture agency took the footage and had transferred the material to a London headquarters. From there it was distributed to television stations around the world as Palestinians celebrating 9/11 attacks. According to data by Pew Research Centre collected in 11 countries Muslim despise IS and unlike Israel do not see ISIS as having any “strategic purpose” especially as IS has killed more Muslims than any other group and their inhumane brutal attacks have made Muslims a target of discriminatory legislation and hate crimes.
— The writer is a journalist based in London, UK.