43.3 million senior citizen by 2050


Currently Pakistan has 11.3 million people above 60 years of age which will be 43.3 million in 2050, making 15.8 per cent of the total population.
Pakistan is one of those 15 countries where over 10 million persons are above 60 years and it is priority of government to focus on welfare and protection of senior citizens. Older persons are facing a number of challenges mainly due to their poor status, discrimination, lack of healthcare, food and nutrition, and exclusion.
Realizing equal rights of the senior citizens, the government has encompasses formulation of a policy for older persons in the 11th Five Year Plan.
The plan focussed on compilation of data on nature and extent of ageing issues to analyze the current situation for undertaking social, economic and other welfare activities in collaboration with the public and private sectors organisations.
A comprehensive programme for the welfare and protection of the senior citizen is, therefore, envisaged through establishing centres in each district.—APP