3 MQM leaders, including former MPA, join PSP


DG Rangers appealed to allow space for clean politics

Salahuddin Haider

Karachi—Claiming switching over of four more eminent MQM Pakistan members to his side, Pak Sarzameen Party chief Mustafa Kamal appealed to Director General, Rangers Thursday to allow greater space for clean politics for the good of the country.
All the four changing loyalties were eminent personalities, had held important positions and should add to the strength and image of a PSP, hardly 7 months old. Syed Shakir Ali and Nisar Ali were ex-MPAs, while Saleem Tajik and Nek Mohammad were either members of the policy making coordination committee of organization, led by Dr Farooq Sattar, or headed sensitive committees. They were all present at the press talk of young Kamal, beaming with confidence and a sense of pride for his substantial gains within a short time.
The PSP chief, happy at their joining his fold, thought that Maj-General Bilal Akbar, is bound to move to some other posts, and should, therefore, leave a legacy on which a solid foundation of peaceful politics could be laid for the future.
He had been stressing since day one that youngsters should abandon arms, stay away from objectionable acts, injected into their veins by Altaf Hussain, and concentrate instead on buying books and computers to be worthy citizens, for on them depends the future of the country. His emphasis had a purpose and objective which needed attention of those at the helm, which if allowed to go unheeded, may see return to contemptuous acts of target killing, extortions, crimes etc, which the army and the Rangers had tried so laboriously to introduce a new and more meaningful culture in Karachi and others parts of the province. He was quite candid in pointing out that Army, Rangers, or the Frontier Constabulary, without public cooperation may not achieve what they would be aiming at.
They should therefore, allow the youngsters to play their role in rebuilding a healthier, cleaner and safer society. Peace will remain elusive without public support, he said and added that while Rangers had the hardware, PSP could offer software for a stable, stronger, and prosperous Pakistan. Youngsters in Karachi too needed the same treatment and assistance as extended to those in Fata and Balochistan.
Within a few months, the PSP had proved its critics wrong. People like Dr Farooq Sattar had leveled all kinds of spurious and worthless charges against him and his colleagues. All their claims that the new-born party would remain confined to Khayabane Sehar, or were being used to dry clean the dirty elements of the MQM , had fallen flat in the face. By the grace of God Almighty, and through commitment and dedication, PSP has not only expanded its wings from Karachi to far flung areas of FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan, Chitral and Hunza, and even to outside world from America to Australia, It has had instilled a sense of objectivity in younger generation.
Today, its popularity had not only ascended to envious levels, had unnerved opponents, but words spoken by him had been proven true with the passage of time. Whatever he had said about Altaf Hussain, his links with India, or funding by its secret service RAW, but also the evil intentions and designs against the country harboured by the MQM founder.
He challenged Farooq Sattar to furnish him a list which he will display on the doors of his party’s offices and secretariat of people, considered criminals, and thrown out by the MQM Pakistan from its ranks. None of those painted black by MQM Pakistan will be accepted in PSP fold, he said categorically.