Sher Khan new BISP chief

Monday, April 01, 2013 - Islamabad—Management of Benazir Income Suport Programme (BISP) Sunday said that ex-federal minister and chairperson of BISP Ms Farzana Raja discharged all her duties till 15th March 2013. Her designation also ended with the dissolution of Federal Cabinet; therefore, there is no need for any notification or resignation in this regard.

It said in accordance with the BISP Act, BISP Management is now headed by Muhammad Sher Khan, Federal Secretary who is managing all the administrative affairs of the programme.

The Management of Benazir Income Support Program appreciated the relentless efforts of Ms Farzana Raja in making the Programme a success. under her leadership, a comprehensive social safety net like BISP was founded for the first time

in the history of Pakistan, which in a short span of time has achieved the status of being the largest social welfare program of not only Pakistan but also of South Asia. Almost 20-22 percent of the most deserving population of the country, which comes to approximately 45 million individuals, are benefiting from the program. The BISP has been internationally acknowledged as a role-model welfare programme.

BISP’s Management also appreciated the fact that Farzana Raja has managed the programme on completely apolitical and unbiased basis, taking on board all the political parties and schools of thought. Across the board acceptance of BISP is evident from the unanimous passage of BISP Act through both the Houses of Parliament. It is also a fact that transparency and technology based operations of BISP are being appreciated across the world, resulting in financial assistance worth billions of rupees by international monetary institutions and donor countries. In recognition of her exemplary and selfless services for the poor of Pakistan, Farzana Raja was awarded Hilal-e-Imtiaz, the second highest civil award, by the government of Pakistan.

A number of governments have requested BISP’s technical assistance for replication of similar initiatives in their respective countries. Recently, Asian Development Bank has pledged financial assistance worth $200 million for vocational and technical training program for the youth and other initiatives of BISP.

Similarly, for the first time ever in the history of Pakistan 3 million children will be sent to primary schools under the recently launched “Waseela-e-Taleem” with the assistance of World Bank and British government. The credit for this unprecedented success also goes to Farzana Raja.—INP


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