Karachi city of lights

Sanobar Nadir Butt

Friday, December 07, 2012 - Once upon a time Karachi used to be one of the peaceful and beautiful cities of Pakistan. Karachi-ites used to live fear free and peaceful life, brotherhood and love was everywhere. Mazar-e-Quaid, sea side and old British era architecture etc were some of the things by which Karachi was associated. But now what happened to our Karachi? Karachi the city of lights, the city of peace and harmony have now turned into city of terror and blood, Karachi is now associated with bomb blasts and firings. Today also Karachi is the city of lights but these lights are due to blasts, every one day or other people hear blasts and whole city is just left terrorized.

Some enemies are trying to attack on Karachi peace they want to create rift between people of Karachi, they are also trying to create ethnic, cultural and religious difference among the people but inshaallah all of them will never be able to fulfill their dreams. Karachi will once again become the city of lights and again whole Karachi will be echoed from blasts, blasts of laughter and happiness. Karachi will get back its peace, harmony and beauty, and will be recognized as the most peaceful and prosperous city of Pakistan.


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