153 pigeons ‘spies’ seized in IHK


Jammu—In occupied Kashmir, 153 pigeons, which were being transported to South Kashmir have been seized in Jammu and kept at the disposal of an NGO working in the field of animal rights for examination by the Indian secret agencies.
Few days back police intercepted a Kashmir valley-bound vehicle during routine checking and subjected it to checking. In the vehicle, police party noticed some tightly squeezed cartons and on enquiry those travelling in the vehicle stated that they were carrying fruit to the Kashmir Valley.
However, police became suspicious and opened the boxes from which a total of 153 pigeons were recovered. Several pigeons were having rings of different colors tied on their legs which further alerted the police personnel.
The matter was immediately brought to the notice of higher authorities and accordingly these pigeons were handed over to SAVE – an NGO working in the field of animal rights after bringing the matter to the notice of Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), reports said, adding the pigeons are still in the custody of NGO, which is taking care of the feed and water requirements of the birds.
“What to talk of intelligence agencies even the Counter Intelligence (CI) and CID have started examining the pigeons,” reports said.
Rumpy Madan, Chairperson of SAVE, told mediamen that 153 pigeons have been kept at NGO’s disposal till clearance from the intelligence agencies. “We have been told that it is a case of apprehended danger,” she said.
She confirmed that agencies have started examining the birds, adding, “Pigeons can easily be trained for spying or messaging purposes and they have the unique quality of returning to its trainer even after covering huge distance”.—KMS