The whole edifice is being built on 12 million Dirham that was gotten by the Sharif family after selling 25% share of Gulf steel mill and this money was invested in Al-Thani business in Qatar, but ministry of justice UAE has rejected this altogether. Furthermore, they have rejected the rhetoric that there was export of scrap from UAE to Saudi Arabia in 2001-02. Sharif family’s whole story is fabricated with doctored documents being made in hurry in order to soothe the JIT and SC.
Though I did not expect that JIT members could go to such limit to prove Sharif family wrong, they change my thought and I have started believing that if our people get a chance independently to probe white-collar crime, they can perform, undoubtedly, very well.
With such experienced lawyers team, Sharif family has failed to make solid stance. Undoubtedly, they have had a firm control on media and have sought a firm grip on social media but they failed to get the favourite result.
The narrative that it’s a foreign conspiracy against Sharif family is false and vague as externally backed regime change can’t be achieved in this post-truth world and in our recent past, there are a lot of examples confirming that it’s not easy to change regime in such matter when media is independent and institutions are getting strong.
Surprisingly, PML N connects this conspiracy with development and prosperity of Pakistan under the auspices of CPEC, creating a environment that those who make development in Pakistan are ousted like that. It’s not a right approach, making people confused and vulnerable.
PML (N), a party which has strong electoral grip in Punjab-a hub where parties seek to win election – should not be divided and PML (N) has to devise a strategy so as to save the party from getting divided. Collapse of Sharif family is inevitable, yet I believe NS can justify his means if he is true. I thank JIT, Supreme Court as well as independent media persons as they play their parts bravely and eagerly.

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