100 days of tyranny


Reema Shaukat

KASHMIR is in continuous state of oppression by Indian forces, for the past three months as the new wave of violence erupted after the death of Burhan Wani. After 2008 and 2010 this is the third mutiny in Kashmir which is still going on.100 days have passed since the death of Burhan Wani when restlessness broke out in valley and curfew was imposed by Indian forces thus making a life standstill in Kashmir. Indian forces finding no way out to stop protests and rallies by Kashmiri youth used brutal actions and pellet guns were used on all without any discrimination of gender and age.
Ruthlessness of Indian armed forces doesn’t stop here. In past three months, more than 90 people have been killed, 1300 have been injured, including 1000 youngsters even a children of 3 to 5 years old have been completely or partially blinded, over 7000 detained and business losses of around rupees 10,000 crore is estimated during these past three months. There is a complete shutdown of media and communication services. After the huge criticism and widespread protest around the globe particularly social media Indian forces somehow stopped use of pellet guns replacing it with spice gun to shatter morale of youth but definitely unsuccessful in hindering Kashmiri youth.
Pellet guns shoot over 500 small lead balls, and thus severely injure multiple protesters at once. Indian media is claiming that curfew has been uplifted in valley and life is normal which actually is not. India trying to hoodwink its atrocities and human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir by such false claims. Indian media also claiming that people of IOK have rejected the calls of strike by Hurriyat Conference and they are leading towards normalization of situation. Thus portraying another false picture of their success on political grounds which is not a reality. Kashmiri youth is passionate and determined for their political struggle in Kashmir and despite witnessing and suffering through Indian despotism their resilience is commendable. Listening to lullabies of freedom, nurturing among the uproar of bullets, snooping screams and seeing humiliation of humanity on every nook and corner of its environs, a Kashmir’s youngster knows well what freedom is all about. Sighting the struggle of their forefathers and growing up chanting the slogans of Azadi, this Kashmiri youth is undefeatable now. Childhood in Kashmir is different from children living in an independent country who enjoy freedom from playing in streets to having necessities of life.
Eavesdropping tales of struggle for right of self-determination, these kids in Kashmir have grown with dreams of objectivity, freedom to live freely and resilience to take back their motherland from brutal forces. Kashmir freedom movement is decades old and is still anticipating for its triumph. This Kashmir freedom movement has legal backing of no less than UN and Security Council’s repeated resolutions but unfortunately the price paid so far is over 100,000 lives and hundreds of thousands of gang rapes in addition to other human rights violations. The phenomenon of religious persecution against the Muslims of IOK is also not new like rest of India. The huge Indian occupational forces under cover of Armed Forces Special Protection Act and other black laws frequently engage in dutiful cleansing of Muslims. Kashmir presently going through worst turmoil of history with restraints of curfew, jammed communications and unavailability of better medical facilities, Kashmiris are fighting valiantly for their right of self-determination. India, despite knowing present situation of Kashmir and with no statement to condemn its brutality in Kashmir, declares Wani as terrorist and rest other Kashmiris as supporters of terrorism. India continues to blame Pakistan for its support in Kashmir and threatens to stop its water.
India leaves no stone unturned for a blame game on Pakistan as it did in Pathankot incident in past and recently in Urri attack. India must remember that it false yells of surgical strikes and censuring Pakistan for terrorism will pay it back heavily and Kashmir struggle will continue with full swing till the world becomes fully aware of Indian mind-set. Well, India must not forget that every Pakistani loves Kashmir too, and it will not sojourn support of their Kashmiri brethren on all forums and will keep showing world Indian callousness in Kashmir.
— The writer works for Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies, a think tank based in Islamabad.

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